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What it is

"In a world not so far far away,
Was a city, lying in a bay.
A wonderful calm utopia
Undisturbed since the antique era

Flying dinosaurs, princesses and boots,
Living together eating rainbows and fruits.
There were also tiny little witches
who threw spells, undid stitches

One day a tiny little witch
The fearest of them all
for whom all this was too small
Invoked a massive glitch

She put a curse on the lovely burg
Turned it into a gigantic metropolis
All gone, rainbows, babylonian birds
All gone the majestic masterpiece

Spread across streets and hoods,
It was now hard for princess and boots
to find the ones they care
across the crowded squares"

Nerdy herds, hello. Ping is the ultimate sword in your quest to find your fellows.


"Welcome on board of the magic cloud. Ditching flying whales, drifting above seas, lands and mountains, we fly high in the sky. Now look down to the busy crowd, the never-ending metropolis. Look, there! Standing out! Your companions, you can see all of them!"

Open the map.
See your crew.
Boom. Clap. Easy.


"Once upon a time a flying dinosaur was traveling the world leaving footprints every once in a while. Everytime he chose to leave a footprint, the previous one was erased. That way he was able to let his dinofellows know where he stopped. He then got overweight, stopped flying and ended up in a lake somewhere in Scotland. Anyway..."

Ping your fellows to update your avatar on their map. If you don't ping, no one will know you flew away.


"The princess is in danger! You are the only one brave enough to save her. Choose one companion to support you in this perilous journey:

  • The seven league boots. Stinky and slow, they deliver tremendous amount of green magic to its owner.
  • Uber the pure. A gentle renegade, so powerful he has been banned from several kingdoms and duchies.
  • The roaring automobile. The endless range of this elegance can't be unleashed by peasants. Runs on black magic, be careful.

Do not forget to collect all the enchanted coins to unlock the holy peanut"

Use the build-in gps to join your buddy. By foot, Uber, or by car. (Hoverboard coming soon)



iOs Jedi
-The Brain-


Community Preist
-The Human-


Android Ninja
-The Geek-

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