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Pixels, 8-bit era and chiptune. Maybe we are still stuck in the 90's. Maybe not. As nerdy crackpots and because we were quite bored of iOS7 flat design, pixelart came to us as an evidence. We then discovered a huge community of pixelartists amateurs and professionals, game-designers, indie retro game developers, chiptune music composers, and even 8-bit songs remix makers.

Not only did we like the misfit spirit of that community but we really admired the talent and the energy of the artists involved. So we decided to give the floor to anyone. Anyone with the desire to be part of the Ping project and share his/her/its? Pixel artwork in our app. For 90's kids to revive this warm, exciting and engaging Game-Boy atmosphere or for late-borns just to discover it.

01. Kharis aka Blackgamon


8-bit controlled him! Kharis is our first pixel artist who joined the Ping project by producing 18 avatars for the app.Kharis is from Indonesia where he works as face portrait specialist. Not long ago, Kharis started pixel animation, he sometimes does isometric pixelart, writes comics and is a soon-to-be game creator. He is a batagor and pizza lover.

You can find more of his artwork on Instagram @blackgamon or Twitter @kahris

02. Sebastien aka Sebooster


Shy-chan! Seb is our incognito of the mountains. He likes Sworcery styled pixel arts and retro games are his main inspiration. He's from Canada where it is very very cold. He is a cat lover and enjoys hunting and fishing. Ping is the first pixelart project he took part of after seeing our call-out on /r/pixelart. We are super happy to have him !

You can find more of his artwork on DevianArt @sebooster

03. Thimo aka Evil Garden Fence


Meet Thimo aka EvilGardenFence our little Dutch buddy. Thimo lives in Arnhem, a City in the Netherlands. He makes simple art, and just like us he drinks beer in his spare time. Thimo just started pixel art and he learns fast.
Oh and he wanted to mention something : "Believe me I'm an awesome person"

You can find more of his artwork on Twitter @imaflyingwhale_

04. Raul aka VJ Entter


Meet Raul Berrueco aka VJ Entter our inspiring professional pixel artist from Spain. Entter is widely known for his visual focus on retro arcade and low-fi gaming graphics, working with consoles like Commodore 64, Spectrum, Nintendo's NES and Game Boy. As visual artist, Entter also worked as professional video jockey and performer for years, collaborating with electronic musicians on famous audiovisual shows in Sonar and many other festivals.

We literally fell in love with what he did, especially for the regard he brings in his art: provocative & trash culture (take a look at The Church of Whatever), machinima, visual algorithms, cyberpunk and random scripting; all of which contribute to his cryptic and retro-futuristic style. It's an honor to have him part of the Ping project. Thanks Raul !
You can find more of his work on Twitter @vjentter , Vimeo and Fousion Gallery

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